The Camp Chef Dads & Their Favorite Products

By on June 12, 2019


Your dad is one-of-a-kind and not just any stove, grill, or cookware will work for him. We are proud to employ so many smart, tenderhearted men and want to pay tribute to all their hard work creating, marketing, and selling some of the best camp-cooking products in the industry. So, what product(s) does a dad who works at Camp Chef love most? Check out just a few of our dad profile below.

Cody Erekson, Software Engineer & Father of 2

CodyE Meet Cody, dad to two little girls. You can find him behind a computer screen, spending time with his family or smoking on his Woodwind pellet grill. His favorite product is the Charwood Cherry pellets. He loves to pair them with ribs, BBQ pork, chicken–really anything for that matter. He noted that the Charwood aroma makes it feel like he’s cookin’ with an old-school briquette grill. Follow along with Cody’s favorite 3-2-1 Rib recipe, here! Happy Father’s Day, Cody!

Chet Edlund, Business Analyst & Father of almost 4

ChetE Chet is our business analyst and Camp Chef buyer. He is responsible for making sure all the Camp Chef products you know and love are fully stocked. Chet is a father to three awesome kiddos with a fourth on the way! His favorite product combination is the BBQ Grill Box on a Pro 30 Single Burner Stove! He loves how he can cook hotdogs for the kids, marinated chicken for his wife, and a juicy steak for himself all on the same cook system. But with his family increasing in size he hopes to soon upgrade to the PRO 60X Two-Burner Stove with a Double Burner BBQ Grill Box. What a great Father’s Day gift idea, Chet!

Trevor Clements, Operations Manager & Father of 3

TrevorC Say hello to Trevor! He’s a father to three spunky kids who love Mongolian BBQ. They enjoy picking out their own ingredients and watching their masterpieces come to life on a large griddle. That’s why his favorite product is the Flat Top Grill 900. He is able to re-create the same restaurant-quality Mongolian BBQ experience right on his back patio. You can find his families favorite Mongolian BBQ Stir Fry recipe, here. They start by purchasing a handful of different sauces and chopping a variety of meats and vegetables. The kids are able to customize their own dinner and cook everyone’s individual meal in less than 30 minutes. How cool is that?! Trevor gets to save on restaurant prices and spend time with his family.

Corey Hibbard, Account Manager & Father of 2

CoreyH Corey has two precious kids and a passion for family and the outdoors. His all-time favorite Camp Chef product is the Sherpa Camp Table and Organizer. The Camp Table is first and foremost a table. However, it features four convenient hidden storage compartments. One in which has a waterproof liner to acts as a portable sink! The Sherpa Table works for Corey and his family because it allows him to keep all his camping/cooking necessities organized and in one place. Any parent knows that sometimes just getting out the door with kids can be a feat. All he’s got to do is load the kids, grab the Sherpa Table, and go. Great camping with kids tip, Corey!

Matt Anderson, Sales Manager & Father of 6

MattA Meet long-time employee, Matt! He has six wonderful kids (two biological, two adopted, and two foster.) He has many Camp Chef products, but his most often used product is his 13-inch Square Dutch Oven. Every Sunday morning Matt and his family follow his favorite Square Dutch Oven Roast recipe by filling it with a protein of their choice, (usually a large Chuck Roast), a bunch of vegetables, and a variety of seasonings. After a few hours in the pellet grill, they are able to share an incredible family dinner together. Matt values the Sunday night tradition he and his family have created. It provides an opportunity for everyone to catch up while enhancing the conversation with amazing food. We are honored to be just a small part of some of your most cherished family memories, Matt.

Ryan Neeley, Marketing Manager & Father of 3

RyanN Meet one of the many faces of our awesome marketing team. Ryan is a father to three young kiddos. He’s grown to love cooking for the entire family in his 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet. The versatility of cooking meats, veggies, and desserts has quickly made it his most-loved product. Ryan is able to use it on almost every cooking surface. From the campfire to the stove top or the pellet grill to his at-home oven–his cast iron does it all. His favorite recipe was just recently launched on the Camp Chef Recipe blog. Try Ryan’s go-to Pulled Pork Nachos with White Queso recipe at your next gathering.

Mike Brewer, Videographer & Father of 1

MikeB Mike is the talented man behind our Camp Chef videos–we love the creative eye that he brings to the team. Mike is a proud father of one, darling little girl. Having an 8 months-old doesn’t slow him and his wife down down. They love creating adventure by introducing her to new and exciting things. This time of year, they especially enjoy camping. His go-to camping product is his 10-inch Deluxe Dutch Oven. As a family of three, he finds that it’s a perfect size. Mike’s favorite dutch oven recipe is his very own concoction–a classic chicken and rice dish (find it in the comments below.) When Mike is isn’t roughing in the mountains he uses his Camp Table on his back patio.

Happy Father’s Day to all the hardworking dads out there. Use #campchef this Father’s Day to show us what you’re making.

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  1. Mike’s Chicken & Rice Recipe:

    -1/2 stick of butter
    -2 cups of water or chicken stock
    -1 can of cream of chicken soup
    -1 cup of sour cream
    -1 cup of rice
    -1/2 of diced onion
    -1/2 cup of green bell peppers
    -1 Diced jalapeños
    -1 lbs. of cubed chicken
    -Bread crumbs
    -Season with your favorite chicken seasoning I prefer (Stubs chicken seasoning)

    “Mix up the water, Cream of Chicken soup, and sour cream until smooth. Add the rice and veggies and mix again. Space the cubed chicken on top evenly and season to taste. Make sure you have more heat on top of your dutch oven so that the bottom contents do not burn. Cook time is about 1 hour. Stir every so often. You know it’ll be done when the rice is soft. Let the dutch oven sit away from the coals for about ten minutes before serving. “

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