Pellet Grill Accessories to Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Pellet Grill Accessories to Make Your Neighbors Jealous

If the aroma of sweet, wood-fired barbecue wasn't enough to drive your neighbors mad with grill envy, these pellet grill accessories will do the trick. Sure, your grill does a great job on its own: Steady temps, consistent (and delicious) results, and easy cleanup are all part of the design. But if you want extra prep space, convenient mobility, weather protection and more, we have the gear you need. Check out our favorite pellet grill accessories below.

Maximize Cooking and Prep Space

    • Disposable Foil Bucket Liner: Cleaning up grease might just be the worst job in the world. Buy these disposable liners for an easy process.
    • Front Shelf: It seems like there's never enough room to set down your utensils, cutting board, seasonings, and ingredients. With a front shelf kit, your problems are solved.
    • Jerky Rack: Nearly quadruple the cooking space inside your pellet grill for batches of jerky, wings, fish filets, and more.
    • Rib Rack: Who doesn't want to fit more ribs in their grill? This rack is an easy way to make it happen.
    • Beer Can Chicken Rack: You aren't doing chicken right until you're doing it like this. More moisture, more flavor-check it out.
    • Turkey Cannon: Forget your grandma's turkey recipe. The Turkey Cannon Infusion Roaster takes turkey to a whole new level.
    • Cutting Board: Made from real bamboo, this huge cutting board can handle everything from bell peppers to brisket.
Bamboo Cutting Board

Cook in Any Weather

    • Patio Cover: Prevent rust and sun damage on your pellet grill with a weather-resistant patio cover.
    • Blanket: In cold weather, a pellet grill blanket will help hold grilling temps steady and make cooking easy.

Grill Like a Master

    • Sidekick: Part of our modular cooking. system, the Sidekick is compatible with most 14-inch cooking accessories. Add a griddle, grill box, pizza oven, stock pot, cast iron, and more.
    • Utensil Kits: Tongs, spatulas, knives-you name it, we've got it. Make sure you're well equipped with all the grilling tools you need.
    • Hardwood Pellets: Only premium hardwood pellets will give you a clean, hot burn and superior flavor. Cook with the best.