Send in your recipes

Send in your recipes

Share your favorite meals with the world and find a place in the camp chef cook book

What to expect from us

We will take the information you give us and create a recipe page for you. We will use your photo, your ingredients, your description, and your steps. This is your recipe that we would like to show case. You can visit our recipes and see what it will look like only with your information filling up the page. This is a great opportunity to save your recipes online and make them easily shareable. With sharing your recipe with us you can always find it at the click of a button.

Loco Moco With deer meat


Created By: Kevin Gillespie | MeatEater


2 hrs


20 Mins



A note from Chef Kevin Gillespi from MeatEater:
I had the opportunity to hunt axis deer on Molokai, Hawaii, this summer with Danielle Prewett, Ben O’Brien, and the folks from Camp Chef. In addition to being overrun with deer, this beautiful island provides an abundance of wild food. Almost everywhere we went, we found guava hanging from the trees, literally ripe for the picking.

How to send in a recipe

We want to make it as simply as we can for you. Email us at with your information for the recipe and we will get it online as soon as we can. We will do our best at responding with a link to your recipe as soon as it is finished.

What we need from you

  • Horizontal image of your final product
  • Ingredients list
  • Step by step instructions
  • Description of the recipe
  • History of the family recipe (optional)
  • Information about yourself (to give you credit)
  • How long it takes to prepare and cook
  • How many people it feeds
competition chili

Created by: Mike Brewer

Wild game fajitas

Created by: Casey Butler

wild game skewers

Created by: Kevin Gillespie

Frequently Asked questions

Your recipe does not need to be a family secret. We love to see the different cultures through food and get to know a little bit about you but you don't need to give any of your secrets.

You can send in any type of recipe you would like. We are not looking for strictly BBQ, seafood, Holiday oriented or anything else. All types of recipes are welcome.

Lucky for you we enjoy cooking. Send in your picture for us to reference. If you want a better picture taken by us, we can make your recipe and take a photo for your recipe page.



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