Smoked Brisket

Smoked Brisket


10 min


15 hrs



When it comes to barbecuing, there is nothing like the succulent and tender meat of a good brisket. Try this simple recipe, you won't be disappointed!


10-12 lbs beef brisket

Camp Chef All Purpose Seasoning or your favorite beef rub





Step 1

Preheat pellet grill or smoker to Hi smoke or 225°F

Step 2

With a paper towel pat the brisket dry.

Step 3

With a sharp knife, trim the brisket. Plan on leaving about ¼ of an inch of fat on your brisket.

Step 4

Generously season all sides of the brisket with rub and salt and pepper.


Step 1

Put brisket in the smoker, fat side up and smoke until internal temperature reaches 165°F (about 8-10 hours).

Step 2

Remove from grill or smoker and wrap brisket in aluminum foil (Texas Crutch) or butcher paper and continue smoking until internal temperature reaches between 190 - 205°F (about 2-3 hours).

Step 3

Let brisket rest in aluminum foil for 1 hour in a cooler.

Step 4

To slice you'll need a good brisket knife. 1. Begin on the flat side and slice against the grain working your way towards point. Around this area, the grain will gradually change. 2. Change the direction in which you cut to go against the grain. Continue by finishing with the point.

Step 5

Test it. Grab a slice of brisket in the middle with your thumb and index finger, if it bends over both sides of your hand without breaking-your meat is tender. Another popular way is to hang the brisket slice over your index finger if it droops over your forefinger you are golden!