How-to Smoke the Perfect Ribs

Getting those perfectly smoked ribs can be difficult, especially if you are brand new to the world of smoking foods. But, never fear, there is a method to smoking ribs that anyone can follow and will almost always provide for perfectly smoked ribs. They’ll be so good your neighbor three doors down will want to “stop by and say hello” but, it’s up to you to share. We understand if you say no.

Anyway, heres a quick list of some basic ingredients and things you’ll need for the perfectly smoked ribs.

Ingredients and Needed Supplies:

  • Baby back ribs – you can typically get a three pack of ribs from a big box store for around $33-$38
  • Your favorite rub or seasonings
  • Paper towels
  • Aluminum foil
  • Your favorite BBQ sauce
  • A sturdy set of tongs or something similar to help handle the ribs
  • Lastly, about 6 hours of time.

So, sit back and learn how to get those perfectly smoked ribs using the 3-2-1 method. 

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7 thoughts on “How-to Smoke the Perfect Ribs”

  1. I cooked ribs the 3-2-1 way in the pellet/smoker. Turned out fantastic.
    All I can say is Camp Chef’s pellet/smoker and the 3-2-1 method just made rib cooking a lot easier.

  2. It seems as though these pellets are the right size for my Masterbuilt electric smoker. Would that be an appropriate use for these pellets?

  3. We just got a new Camp Chef Lux. The first time we used it, it created a lot of smoke in cycles? Since, it only smokes when first starting up. What are we doing wrong?

    • Your Sear Box is ready to cook right out of the box. But if you’d like to get it warmed up and burn off some of the excess oil on the cast iron grates, you can heat it up to medium-high for a few minutes before cooking. Again, this isn’t necessary—it’s up to your preference.

  4. I tried the 3-2-1 method on my first smoking adventure with my new Woodwind SG 24 and ribs came out dry. This is also the first time I have smoked anything in a convection system and was more than a little disappointed. Was this in the cooking or in the quality of the meat?

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