Maintenance Tips for Your Pellet Grill

By on May 4, 2017

Pellet Grill Maintenance Tips

We stand behind the quality of our pellet grills 100%; however, even the best grills may need replacement parts or occasional maintenance from time to time. We’ve put together the most common maintenance procedures that you’ll face as a pellet grill owner and put them together in helpful walkthrough videos.

Need to clear out the wet pellets that are locking up your auger? Want to replace your temperature control panel? We have these guides and more. Check it out below.

How to Start Up Your Pellet Grill and Change Pellets

The first time you run your pellet grill, you will need to fill the auger and burn cup with pellets. And if you ever want to change hardwoods in your hopper, this is what you can do.

How to Replace the Auger and Remove Wet Pellets

If water ever leaks into your hopper or auger, the pellets will swell and prevent the auger motor from running. Here’s how to remove those wet pellets and unlock your auger.

How to Remove the Hopper

For maintenance on the control panel, the fan motor, and other important parts of your grill, you may need to remove the hopper.

How to Replace the Fan Motor

If your burn cup won’t stay lit or you don’t hear the fan running when your grill is on, you may need to replace the fan motor like this.

How to Replace the Control Panel

If you want to upgrade your old control panel to the newest model, or if your old control panel has called it quits, this is the guide for you.

How to Replace the Hot Rod

If you’ve noticed that your pellets aren’t burning, it could be because your hot rod has stopped working. Here’s how to replace it.

If you have any questions about these processes or anything else regarding your pellet grill, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. They can diagnose your issue and guide you through a solution, so you can keep the good food coming all year long.

2 thoughts on “Maintenance Tips for Your Pellet Grill”

  1. I have a brisket smoking right now set at 175 and my temp keeps dropping down to about 160 at the grate up to about 215 using my Maverick ET-73 grill probe as a thermometer. Does the smoker run the auger on a timer or does it actually read the internal temp? I really like my smoker but I am not overly happy with the constantly changing temps. I have the PG-24S I purchased about 3 years ago. Any upgrades or changes I can make to get this to stabilize more during cooks? I have added a seal around the door opening to cut down on the loss of smoke and heat already.

    • The Smart Smoke Technology is what causes the temperature to fluctuate slightly. The auger reads the temperature and feeds a rush of pellets for the maximum amount of smoke, rather than a small, constant trickle. This will make things fluctuate, but give you the optimal amount of smoke.

      If you would like to keep it more stable, you can also use a pellet grill blanket like this one. We should be back in stock in a few weeks. Hope that helps!

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