How to Brine & Spatchcock a Turkey

By on November 11, 2019


You remember Caytlin McCleery from Cayt’s Meats & Meals? Our dear friend, Camp Chef lover, and Thanksgiving master. Well, she’s back and talking turkey! From brining methods to a step-by-step spatchcock tutorial–watch Cayt’s exclusive Camp Chef Thanksgiving collaboration, here!

How to Brine a Turkey: Dry Brine vs. Wet Brine:

Cayt loves a good dry brine with a butter compound. But if you’re stuck deciding between a wet brine and a dry brine, Cayt will walk you through ’em both.

How to Spatchcock a Turkey:

There are many reasons to choose to spatchcock your turkey this Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re looking for a shorter cook time, a crispier crust, or just to take up less space in your pellet grill–either way your smoked turkey will be a hit!

Cayt’s Smoked Turkey Tips:

Whether it’s your first time hosting Thanksgiving or you’re part of the tradition, everyone can stand to learn a little something from the turkey expert herself. Plus, we think you’re gonna wanna’ hear Cayt’s leftover recipe.

3 thoughts on “How to Brine & Spatchcock a Turkey”

  1. Never done a spatchcock Turkey? Very interested in trying, I like to inject my turkey the night before with Creole butter. Then smoke it at 160 degree setting for a couple hours then turn it up until it is done. It has the smoke flavor I love, with that juicy creole butter inside, unbelievable flavor and very moist.

  2. This is so fantastic, this will be my first smoked turkey on my new Camp Chef pellet smoker. I had never heard of Spatchcocking but that is what I will try.
    Caitlin has some awesome tips and and I think I will try to dry briine for the first time. Thanks for such great support to your customers.

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