The Moms of Camp Chef

The Moms of Camp Chef

Moms are the heart and soul of the family. They keep the family orderly, full, and fueled. Whether she's blood-related, a motherly figure, or an awesome four-legged dog mom--show her how much you care this Mother's Day. Much like your family, the Camp Chef family has got more sensational mothers than we can count. Here are just a few of the strong women that help the Camp Chef brand go-round.

Jen Mann, Camp Chef Dealer Support & Girl-Mom Extraordinaire

Jenn1Meet Jen! She has three beautiful little girls with a particularly sophisticated palate. They love fish and we're not just talking Gold Fish! She and her husband like exploring our Camp Chef recipes section to find fun, creative ways to feed their kiddos using their Bronze 36-inch SmokePro SGX. (We discontinued these but try a Woodwind 36!) Jen's pellet grill food of choice is smoked salmon and popcorn lobster. Her favorite thing about her grill is the fact that she can use it as both an oven and a smoker. Happy Mother's Day, Jen!

Marley Wahlstrom, Graphic Designer & Supermom

Marley1Marley is momma to two girls, a boy, and one snugly Beagle. If you follow our recipe blog then you've more than likely seen her work. Marley creates the majority of our recipes, puts together catalogs, packaging, eCookbooks, manages our Pinterest account, and so much more! While Marley loves all of her Camp Chef products, she especially loves cooking cornbread in her favorite cast iron skillet. She loves a good Skillet Cornbread recipe on her pellet grill.

Julie Carlisle, Receptionist & Mom of the Year

Julie1Say hello to Julie or better known as Mama Julie! You might have noticed her from our Facebook Live videos. She's a baking fanatic and an avid Camp Chef user. She owns all sorts of cast iron pieces, a couple of stoves, and a pellet grill. But, her favorite product to cook on is her Black 36-inch SmokePro SGX (now discontinued, but try the Woodwind 36 instead) with Sidekick attachment. She loves the versatility of the Sidekick and how it allows her to experiment with new dishes. Julie has six successful children, two of the world's cutest grandchildren, and a gorgeous border collie. Her favorite recipe to make on the smoker is her signature smoked cheesecake. Thanks for all your hard work, Julie!

Free Downloadable Mother's Day Cards

Click on your favorite design to print a free Mother's Day card from home. Fold along the solid lines.

Free Pellet Grill Card
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Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. Use #campchef this Mother's Day to show us what you've made for mom.