Direct Grilling Tips

  • Cooking directly over a wood fire creates a different flavor compared to traditional convection cooking/smoking.
  • Always clean the grease tray prior to using Direct Flame mode. Failure to do so may result in flare ups.
  • For best results, engage Direct Flame mode while your grill is set to a high temperature setting.
  • Wait for the grill to reach desired cooking temperature before beginning your cook. For best results keep the lid closed unless moving/flipping food.
  • The hottest temps will be directly over the fire pot when using direct flame mode. Use this to your advantage and move food as needed.
  • Cast Iron Grill Grates (sold separately) will greatly improve your overall grilling experience with improved heat retention.
  • Always use premium Camp Chef hardwood pellets to optimize performance and get the most out of your pellet grill.
  • The best results will come as you gain experience with cooking in Direct Flame mode.