Sidekick vs. Sear Box

By on October 23, 2019


So, you bought a pellet grill—great! We’re happy you made the plunge. Many people use their pellet grill as-is—no fancy accessories/bells and whistles. However, Camp Chef offers two great pellet grill accessory attachment options that bolt to the side of your grill. Both the Sidekick and the Sear Box are excellent choices and their reviews speak for themselves. But, what’s the difference between the two and which pellet grill attachment works best for you?

Sear Box Overview

The Sear Box is first and foremost just that, a Sear Box and it’s good for one thing—searing. The included cast iron grill grates create beautiful sear marks and assist the Sear Box in reaching an astounding 900°F. It’s important to note that the Sear Box is not compatible with any other additional accessories (as the Sidekick is.) If you sometimes miss your propane grill, are transitioning from propane to pellet grill full-time, love to sear steaks, veggies, burgers, and other meats, then a Sear Box will fill your smoking and searing needs perfectly.

Sidekick Overview

The Sidekick unit offers a more versatile, all-in-one cooking option. The unit includes a removable steel griddle-top great for sautéing and griddle sears. However, the Sidekick unit is also part of our 14-inch cook system family. This means that you can purchase additional 14-inch, one-burner accessories to swap out as needed. Want to create grill marks and sear meats and veggies? No problem—purchase a BBQ Grill Box. Easily bake pizzas, bread, cinnamon rolls, salmon, and other delicacies by buying the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven. Boil noodles or simmer sauces whilst your meat smokes inside the pellet grill by adding a pot or cast-iron pan. The Sidekick unit can hold up to 40 lbs. of weight and reach optimal temperatures for searing. If you’re looking for a unit to bake, sear, sauté, braise, and boil—then you’ll want a Sidekick.

Comparison Chart



– PG14

Sear Box

Overview offers versatility without compromising quality or function perfect for grilling and searing
Fits Camp Chef Pellet Grills x x
Matchless Ignition x x
Grease Managment x x
High Heat Searing Capabilities x x
Fuel Source Propane Propane
BTU’s/Hr. 30K 16K
Burner Type Circular burner Elongated horseshoe burner
Surface Area 231 sq. in. 184 sq. in.
Compatible Accessories Griddle (SG30 – included)
Grill Box (BB30)
Artisan Oven (PZ30)
Cast Iron Skillet
Pots, pans, etc.
Cooking Styles Griddle


Installation is the same for both accessories. Using a screwdriver, remove the current side shelf, and use the existing holes to mount your Sear Box or Sidekick in place. All pellet grills and accessories should be properly stored when not in use. Your accessory will fit under both pellet grill cover sizes (PCPG36L & PCPG24L.)