6  Emergency Prep Products to Consider

6 Emergency Prep Products to Consider

The disaster season is upon us. We're talking thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and eventually, wildfires, too. And, it's never too early or impractical to start preparing for such an event. Camp Chef stoves, ovens, water heaters, and other supplies are great additions to any prepper's collection (and serve as dual purposes.) Read on to see some of our most widely used emergency preparation items.

1. Outdoor Oven


The portable Outdoor Oven is beloved by preppers everywhere because of its versatility. In the oven, you can bake all the comforts of home, from cinnamon rolls to your grandmother's bread recipe. On the top, the two burners allow you to boil water or grill food. In one portable cooker, you can pretty much do it all. All you need is a propane bottle, and some food to get you started.

2. Mountain Series Stoves

When it comes to portable power, there's no match to our Mountain Series Stoves. With products like the Stryker backpacking stove, to our Rainier 2X that comes with all the extras you need to hunker down. Our Mountain Series line is great for small (1-3 person) families and preppers who would only need to feed a couple of people.

3. Two-Burner Cook Systems

If you know you'll have more than a few mouths to feed in your family, we might suggest you upgrade to something a little bigger than a single burner stove. Our Pro 14 Stove has been setting the standard for outdoor cooking for years. Folding legs, shelves, and windscreen make this stove easily portable, while two 30,000 BTU burners let you cook whatever you want and boil water with ease. All you need are a few cast iron pieces, a griddle, or any other stove accessory to complete the system.

4. Hot Pot


One of the most important parts of emergency preparedness is ensuring access to clean water. The Hot Pot is the perfect way to boil mass amounts of water at one time. The aluminum construction makes it lightweight, and the pour spout is convenient for drinking and washing.

5. VersaTop Grill

If space is your biggest concern we'll stop you right there and suggest the VersaTop Grill. One of the smallest cooking units also happens to be one of the most versatile. It comes with a griddle top cooking surface and runs entirely on a propane bottle. Plus, it fits right up on the garage shelf with a dainty unit size of 17 in. x 18 in. x 8 in.

6. Portable Water Heater

Who says you can't be comfortable in an emergency? The portable water heater is an excellent way to enjoy a hot shower (with no electricity,) even in the middle of nowhere. It runs off of propane, so you can use the same fuel for your stove and your water heater. The typical emergency prepper probably hadn't thought of adding something like this to his or her collection, but it's sure adds a level of comfort we so often take for granted.