Chad Jukes: A Camp Chef Story

By on March 28, 2019


“Food doesn’t have to be a chore. It can taste good. And I love sharing it with others,” Army Veteran and outdoor athlete Chad Jukes noted. We’re so inspired by his story of overcoming hardship, going back to his roots, and giving back by sharing his knowledge with others. Grandma Jukes had great taste and we are honored that Camp Chef has been a reliable outdoor cooking name in his family for almost 30 years.

Chad’s Favorites

Pro60X Stove
14" Pizza Oven
Stryker 200 Multi-Fuel
14" Stove Griddle

Time to Make Camp Chef Part of Your Family

We want to encourage you to inspire others one bite at a time. Our friend Chad likes to cook pizzas outdoors. What’s your favorite dish to make on an outdoor stove? Let us know in the comment section below!

2 thoughts on “Chad Jukes: A Camp Chef Story”

  1. I’m interested in a Versa Grill,however don’t see it promoted on this site very much.When not using the grill can a person place a deep fryer pot over the burner to do chicken wings?Just curious as I have the BBQ box that would fit over the burner when not using the grill.

    • Hi Barry,
      The VersaTop has been out of stock for a while, thus why we have not been promoting it a ton. If you search for FTG250 in the search bar you will find the VersaTop product page. One of the last images shows a diagram denoting which accessories are compatible with the unit. Our pots and pans, including the deep fry pot, are not on this.

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