What Cook Gear Should I pack for White River National Forest?

What Cook Gear Should I pack for White River National Forest?

5 of the most important camp-cooking equipment to take on your trip to Colorado's White River National Forest

White River National Forest is a teeming 2.3 million acres. Recreational activities are essentially year-round, making it the nation's most visited national forest. This Colorado gem is home to dozens of campgrounds, a handful of ski resorts, 2,500 miles of hiking trails, and a number of highly sought out peaks. Whether you're planning to make some spring turns at Vail Ski Resort or take the kayak for a dip in gorgeous Lake Dillon we've packed our necessities, have you?

1. Explorer Cook System

The Explorer is part of our 14-inch cooking system family. It's one of the most multifaced products we offer. Your food options can be made-to-order due to a variety of removable accessories compatible with the two-burner base unit.

2. Artisan Oven

Speaking of one of those compatible accessories. This Artisan Oven fits perfectly on one of your burners. Make personalized pizza, bake the day's catch, or heat up a quiche to start the morning off right.

3. 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet

We can't get enough cast iron, it's hands down our favorite cookware. You'll love how durable the material is, not to mention how well it holds heat. The 10-inch size is perfect for sautéing a variety of dishes.

4. Garbage Can

Perhaps one of the most important base camp items you can bring is a collapsible garbage can. Instead of stringing up your bag on a tree limb or vehicle side mirror, this pop-up, easy-to-store waste basket makes camp clean-up a breeze.

5. All Purpose Chef Set

This 5-piece All Purpose set is a no-brainer for your camp stockpile. You'll use at least one of the utensils for every meal. We've put a set of tongs, spatula, santoku knife, and a flat nosed spoon (great for mixing and serving) in White River National Forest.

We've enjoyed packing with you for your trip to White River National Forest. For more information on the park and current conditions please visit: .