What Makes a Good Apron?

What Makes a Good Apron?

If you're behind the grill battling the smoke and sizzle--You need an apron. But not just any apron will do. Your barbecue wardrobe needs to take you from grill, to kitchen, to dining room. There are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing an apron. Here's what we took into account when designing our aprons and choosing a company to partner with.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Apron

1. Fabric

Any seasoned chef or BBQ'er knows that apron fabric plays a huge role in comfortability. Heavy fabrics can become uncomfortable and weigh you down while pulling on your neck. However, that doesn't mean you need to settle for a Pancho or a paper towel bib. Just make sure your fabric can block spills from soaking through to your clothes. We suggest something similar to denim or a water-resistant cotton.

2. Design, Style, Shape

Style might not play a huge role in your BBQ uniform. Though we think it 'ought to. Take our friends at BlueCut for example?they've transitioned from designing high fashion runway to highly practical culinary work-wear. Common styles and shapes are the bib, half apron/waist apron, and the full-coverage smock apron. We suggest a mid to high range neckline to prevent splatter but allow for breathability.

Pockets: Consider your take on apron pockets. Do you find them useful or useless? Store your thermometer, favorite chef's towel, or MVP utensils. Think about where you'd like them located for easy access.

Tying: How about a twist tie wrap or an adjustable latching back?

3. Craftsmanship

Sure you can shop Amazon for a $10 bargain deal, but how will the craftsmanship hold up? Find a company that you can trust with needlework and care. By the time you compare prices, you'll have gone through a few of the cheap brands.

4. Washability

Stains happen, it's a natural progression of cooking, similar to a tiger earning its stripes. That being said, your apron needs to be able to withstand the wash. Keeping your apron sanitary for every meal is just as important as washing your pans and cookware.

5. Adjustability

Adjustability is huge for those who don't fit into the norm of small, medium, or large. Plus, many aprons are a one-size-fits all type outfit. Being able to lift your apron up or down is a must.

Looking for your perfect fit? Check out our Camp Chef x BlueCut Apron collab.