What is Slide & Grill Technology?

By on June 27, 2018

Open Flame

You may have seen a few of our pellet grills launch with Slide and Grill Technology. While it sounds fancy you might be wondering, “What exactly is this cool feature, and do I need it?”

The typical anatomy of a traditional wood pellet grill and/or smoker starts with a fire pot at the base. Above that lies the deflector plate, the drip tray, and finally the grill grates where your food sits. However, Slide and Grill equipped Camp Chef pellet grills have a mobile deflector plate that allows you to customize your grilling experience.

Slide & Grill Technology

The knob is located on the left side of the pellet grill.  Simply pull the knob to unleash direct flame grilling. Slide the knob back in place to switch back to a traditional low and slow smoking method.


Infusing your food with smoke provides a delicious and unique flavor that’s all its own. But, having the versatility and ability to utilize an open flame broil is unlike anything on the market. Diversify dinner by slow smoking a rack of ribs—or turn the temperature up, slide the deflector plate over, and flame cook burgers for the entire family.

Like what you read and ready to make the plunge? Here are a few Camp Chef pellet grills that come equipped with the Slide and Grill feature:


How do you use Slide & Grill Technology? Let us know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “What is Slide & Grill Technology?”

    • Hi Jenkins.ajmal,
      No, this is not available in the SmokePro LUX. However, if you are interested in the space that the LUX offers – we do have a 36-inch pellet grill with Slide & Grill Technology (in black and bronze.) You can find more information here: https://www.campchef.com/pg36sgx.html

  1. My Woodwind does not have a grill knob to move the heat shield. Does the knob only come with particular models? Mine is MODEL PG24WWS-2.

    • Hi Robert,
      Unfortunately, you are unable to add Slide & Grill to your current pellet grill. You would have to purchase one equipped with this technology already.

  2. can I get the biggest smoker/grill with the sear box and the slide technology; which model would that be

  3. Why wouldn’t want the sear box ???!!!it’s an awesome addition to the pellet grill / it’s an excellent way to do the reverse sear!

  4. Dicks sporting goods had a 24″ & 36″ slide and sear model for sale. Its called the slide and sear.
    Can your sear box be added to those models?

    • Hi Jon,
      Yes, the Sear Box can be mounted to our Dick’s Sporting Goods models. Depending on the model: remove the side shelf and mount the Sear Box in place using the existing bolt holes.

  5. I recently bought the Woodwind SG and I wanted to find out if I should open the slide grill part to heat up my pizza stone. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    thank you

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