How to Protect Your Pellet Grill or Stove from the Elements

By on January 4, 2017

Pack up your stove for the season in a Camp Chef carry bag
Whether your winter looks white and snowy, gray and rainy, warm and sunny, or somewhere in between, you want to keep your stove or pellet grill safe from the elements. We design all of our products with durability in mind, so you can count on your gear to work through tough weather and beyond. However, you can also take your own steps toward keeping your stove or pellet grill in great condition. Just follow our tips below.

In Rain or Snow

If you live in a region with cold weather like snow and rain, the humidity can be rough on your outdoor cooking gear. Stainless steel products like this will resist rust better in such conditions than other materials. But if yours isn’t stainless steel, there’s still plenty you can do. First of all, clean up the grill or stove as much as possible. Try to remove any charred food, ash, and grease from the burners and the body. If you have a pellet grill, be sure to empty the Ash Cleanout cup, wipe the grease tray off as well as possible, and remove all the ash and pellets from the bottom. For stoves, cover the regulator hose opening with a plastic bag so no critters sneak in during the long winter. You may also want to wrap the burners with plastic for the same reason. Be sure to disconnect the propane before doing this. If you choose to store either your stove or grill outside, choose a covered location to protect from the rain or snow. Staying dry is the key to preventing rust. Also be sure to place a high quality, durable patio cover on top of your cooking gear. The hardy material will keep the moisture off the metal, and you won’t have to worry about bad weather. For indoor storage, you can roll your pellet grill into a garage or shed. Keep in mind you never want to grill inside, so this is a good option only if you plan to store your grill all winter. For stoves, you can use a convenient carry bag to keep the legs and burners together without taking up too much space. You may want to leave the carry bag unzipped a couple of inches to let the metal breathe and help prevent rust.

Use a patio cover to keep your pellet grill in great conditionIn Sun or Heat

If you’re facing warmer weather this season, we have solutions for you too. First of all, get out there and grill! With calm weather, there’s no reason you can’t be outside every weekend, smoking ribs, grilling burgers, frying bacon, and—well, you get the idea. However, you want to make sure your stove or grill is protected between cookouts. A patio cover is the perfect way to keep the sun off your gear, as the UV rays can deteriorate the paint or finish. With bungee cords underneath, the cover will stay on even in the wind. If you live in an especially warm part of the world, you may want to keep your pellet grill or stove parked under a covered patio to help with the heat. Keeping a cover on your gear can also make it more difficult for unwanted guests to sneak in and set up camp. Wasps, in particular, are more active in the summer. A cover could be the difference between opening your grill to clean grates or a nest of wasps.

Ready to Go in Any Conditions

If you take the time to love your grill or stove, it will perform its very best for you all year long. In fact, the more TLC you give your cooker, the longer it will last. A patio cover is a small price to pay for years of great cookouts and incredible food.

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  1. Have the big badass three burner (90) for my scouts and the cover ripped in corners in third time used. Youth don’t remove from case. Appears that corners need to be reinforced some. Great grill other troops that see it are jealous an I recommend it. Use to use Coleman 425 stoves till bought this for scouts.

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