Turkey Burger

Turkey Burger


10 Mins


15 mins



A Note from Chef Logan:
This recipe goes really awesome with the cranberry aioli recipe (coming soon) made from leftover cranberry sauce. A very unique yet obvious way to make a turkey burger with thanksgiving leftovers. A little cheese and bacon, L, T, O on your burger and you don't even realize it's a thanksgiving leftover. It just comes across as a awesome 'gastro pub burger that will make you want a micro-brew pale ale and some good conversation. Since everyone's turkey and stuffing is different check out our youtube video on how to make sure the consistency is right before slapping these baddies on your griddle.


Leftover Thanksgiving turkey, shredded

1-2 eggs

1 cup leftover stuffing

Your favorite spice rub


Turkey Burger

Step 1

In a large mixing bowl, shred leftover turkey very finely.

Step 2

Add in a cup of stuffing, spice rub to taste, along with one egg. Mix to bind.

Step 3

(Add another egg depending on the turkey mixture. You need enough egg to bind the stuffing to the turkey and hold it together in patty form.)

Step 4

Form your patties and cook like hamburgers in a skillet or on a griddle.