Leftover Braised Pork Cubano Sandwich


15 Min


10 Min



Originating in Key West and Tampa Bay Florida before finally making its way to Miami as a staple of Cuban-American culture, the cuban or cubano is one of our absolute favorite sandwiches. With a long history behind the easiness of preparation and ability to eat on the go, this was a staple of cuban and hispanic immigrants throughout south Florida as a representation of island and Caribbean flavors. The pork roast made after being marinated with mojo (mo-HO), a tart acidic citrus island marinade with tons of garlic and oregano along with other herbs, is so flavorful.


Leftover mojo pork roast or mojo braised pork

Cuban bread, Italian bread or french baguette 

Pickles, dill or sweet (long slices)

Smoked ham, or black forest ham

Sliced swiss cheese

Yellow mustard or honey mustard


Leftover Braised Pork Cubano Sandwich

Step 1

First you can either slice the roasted, braised, or BBQ pork, or you can shred.

Step 2

On a hot Flat Top Grill lay out the ham to sear and next to it heat the shredded or sliced pork.

Step 3

Cut the bread in half, butter it, and lay it on the grill to toast and get some color.

STep 4

Shingle the slices and place the hot mojo pork on top. Lay at least two slices of swiss over the ham and pork stack and allow it to melt.

STep 5

Take the toasted bread and drizzle the honey mustard over both sides, lay the stack of ham and pork and melted cheese on the bottom, top with a few pickle slices and more honey mustard drizzle and the top bun.


For an authentic feel, take the sandwich and set the whole thing back on the flat top in a little melted butter and place a warm cast iron over it to smash it down like a Panini.
Cut the cubano in half on a bias causing sharp points and, well, rock out to the flavors of the caribbean!