How to make a BBQ Charcuterie Board

How to make a BBQ Charcuterie Board


We all know how popular the traditional charcuterie board is. Typically, a menagerie of cheese, fruit, deli meats, fruit spreads, nuts, etc. But, being the in the business of barbecue we've updated this popular dish with a new meaty twist.

The best part? It's completely customizable. Add in and remove food elements as you see fit. Much of the aesthetic to the board is the layout. If you see holes, fill them in with carrots, custom BBQ sauce containers, etc.


Large Cutting Board or Butcher Paper

3-4+ smoked meats (ribs, brisket, burnt ends, chicken wings, pulled pork, couple choices of hot sliders, brats, etc.)

•3-4 vegetable options (carrots, celery, broccoli)

•1-2 dipping sauces like ranch, Alabama White sauce, hot sauce, Carolina BBQ Sauce, Hey Grill Hey Wing Sauce, Dill Pickle dip, etc. (add them to the board using high-er end bowls

•Mac and Cheese



Brisket on butcher paper
grill cooking all the food for a BBQ charcuterie board


1. Prepare all of your meats and entrées ahead of time. Store in a faux cambro (like a large cooler) if needed.

2. Make sure your cutting board or surface is clean.

3. Start assembling your BBQ-cuterie board starting with your larger smoked meats. Space them out around the board/table. Feel free to get creative with shapes and displays—anything that could be eye catching.

4. Fill in the holes between entrées and meats with your vegetables and sauces.


We're looking to give your eaters options. While the board would be a tasty one using solely meats, that can also get expensive, not to mention a bit boring to the eye. Adding in the element of color in the form of vegetables, mac and cheese, and sauces we're making the board eye catching.

Raw Vegetables