What To Do During A Fire Ban

So your area is currently under a fire ban, and you have to temporarily take a break from kumbaya-ing by the campfire? I guess that means it’s time to give up on fun and park it indoors for the remainder of the summer. Wrong! While…

Pellet Grill Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips for Your Pellet Grill

We stand behind the quality of our pellet grills 100%; however, even the best grills may need replacement parts or occasional maintenance from time to time. We’ve put together the most common maintenance procedures that you’ll face as a pellet grill owner and put them…

The Art of Low and Slow BBQ

The Art of Low and Slow BBQ

There’s nothing wrong with the world of hot-and-fast searing. But sometimes it pays off to take the heat down a few notches and enter the world of low-and-slow smoking. After all, there’s nothing quite like the way a brisket melts in your mouth or a…


Smoke or Science: 7 Tips for a Better Smoke Ring

Smoke Ring – That wonderful ring of pink, just under the surface of smoked meat, letting your eyes and mouth know that the bite you are about to take is packed with flavor. That ring, it’s all in the smoke…or is it?

Gas Grilling Tips for Beginners

Gas Grilling Tips for Beginners

There is so much information available out there when it comes to gas grilling—both fact and fable—that it’s tough to know where to start when you’re brand new to the scene. If this is your first season with your new stove and BBQ Grill Box,…

Campsite Cooking Hacks

Campsite Cooking Hacks for the Outdoor Junkie

Outdoor enthusiast doesn’t begin to describe you. You practically live outdoors. As soon as camping season rolls around, you’re ready with your tent and sleeping bag in the car and your stove packed in its carry bag. You want nothing more than to eat, sleep,…