6 Emergency Prep Products to Consider

The disaster season is upon us. We’re talking thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and eventually, wildfires, too. And, it’s never too early or impractical to start preparing for such an event. Camp Chef stoves, ovens, water heaters, and other supplies are great additions to any prepper’s collection…


2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here and the season of giving is upon us. Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide was designed for outdoorsmen who love to cook. If your giftee has made his or her way on to the nice list this year then look no further—we’ve…


Sidekick vs. Sear Box

So, you bought a pellet grill—great! We’re happy you made the plunge. Many people use their pellet grill as-is—no fancy accessories/bells and whistles. However, Camp Chef offers two great pellet grill accessory attachment options that bolt to the side of your grill. Both the Sidekick…

Tailgate Products

7 Touchdown-worthy Tailgating Products

Is your tailgate touchdown dance-worthy? Don’t false start this season by being unprepared for tailgate season. From equipment to food and everything in between—we’ve got your blind side. 7 TOUCHDOWN-WORTHY PRODUCTS 1. Tailgater Combo Outside of its obvious name, the Tailgater Combo is a great…


7 Gifts Your Dad Deserves This Father’s Day

You can expect a wave of excitement when dad opens any gift from Camp Chef. But, to keep things simple we’ve got few gift ideas—tailored for any type of dad—that will be sure to knock this year’s Father’s Day out of the park.

What is a Pellet Grill?

What is a Pellet Grill Anyway?

So you’ve heard of gas grills and charcoal grills, but what is this you keep hearing about pellet grills? What are pellets? How do these grills work? And, more importantly, is this the right grill for you? If this is the first you’ve heard of…