A Better Way

Imagine this: You’re headed back to camp after a long day of hunting. You’re muddy and chilly, and your legs ache with every step along the trail. It’s raining, and your stomach is begging for something warm and filling. A huge burger. A bowl of chowder. A steak. But then you remember what’s on the menu—store-bought hot dogs. It’s going to be a long night.

Now imagine this scenario: It’s been a successful day of fishing. You’ve reeled in a great catch. You are all headed back to basecamp for dinner, tired, hungry, and ready to chow down. Then you remember what’s on the menu—Philly cheese steak sandwiches hot off the griddle.  You’ll be sleeping well tonight.

What’s the difference? Good food.

Food is an essential piece of any outdoor adventure, whether that adventure is on the shore of a remote lake in the middle of the mountains or right outside your backdoor on the patio. It’s necessary for survival, yet also one of the most social parts of our lives—it brings people together like nothing else can.

So if food is so important, why is it usually the last thing on the list for your weekend plans? Because to many people, outdoor cooking means limited space, limited gear, and, therefore, limited options. You’re stuck with freeze-dried ramen and charred dogs.

That’s where Camp Chef comes in. Over 25 years ago, our founder, Ty Measom, noticed this problem in the outdoor industry. One night, he was faced with cooking for two dozen hungry scouts on a camping trip using only a tiny, flimsy camp stove and a high-output fish fryer. With all the awesome gear available for camping, hunting, fishing, and more, how were the options so limited for outdoor cooking? To Ty, that simply wasn’t good enough—he decided to create a better way to cook outdoors.

Today, we continue our mission of providing a better way to cook outdoors. We empower people to cook what they want, where they want. Pizzas on the beach, brisket on the back patio, burgers at the big game—there shouldn’t be a limit to the possibilities. You can find high quality cooking equipment for every kind of activity, whether you need a durable camp stove, a pellet grill, or a traditional cast iron skillet. From backcountry to back patio, we’re giving you the power to cook what you love.

So get out there. Make memories with the people you love. Experience the beauty of nature. Feed your outside however you want with the durability, versatility, portability, and power of Camp Chef.