What is Smoke Control & How Does it Work?

What is Smoke Control & How Does it Work?

Last year we launched our highly anticipated line of Woodwind WIFI grills (not to mention our Gen 2 WIFI's.) Among the fascinating new features, we revealed Smoke Control. WIFI controller users would be able to adjust their Smoke Number (either manually on their pellet grill controller or through the Camp Chef Connect app.) The higher the Smoke Number, the more smoke and flavor would be added to your dish. After a few months of selling out of inventory, we've heard the chatter--does Smoke Control really work? Yes. We know so. We've tested so. But, don't just take our word for it. Educate yourself, read the reviews, this is the real deal, people!

Smoke Control & PID Controller Explained

The Engineering Behind Smoke Control

On the Controller & App

So, how does it work? This one's for all the nerds out there who are dying to hear exactly how Smoke Control works. After you've set your Smoke Number (on your controller or through the Camp Chef Connect app) it's immediately sent to the cloud. The various values that represent the desired smoke and temperature, chamber temperature, probe temperatures, etc. are all continuously synchronized across the cloud, the grill, and the Camp Chef Connect app. When an allowed change is made at any one of those three points, the other two will know about it within seconds.

Within your Grill

Your pellet grill feeds pellets at a known rate to maintain the temperature you've set. (This is done by the auger motor cycling ON and OFF at a calculated, PID adjusted, engineered rate.) To increase the amount of smoke generated, we increase the auger's OFF time. This allows more pellets to be burned, decreasing the flame and ember temperature. So now, when new pellets are fed into the burn cup it'll take longer for them to ignite, resulting in an increase of smoke. Auger FEED times are also increased so that there is, on average, enough fuel to maintain your set temperature. These fluctuations in temperature and ignition are what give us "tasty" smoke. Temperature fluctuations are common and are completely normal. In fact, because your controller now has PID, you're getting the industry's most precise grill temperature (+/- 5F.) As your Smoke Number increases, your smoke output increases. As your Smoke Number decreases the temperatures will hold tighter.

Why Do I Need Smoke Control?

Smoke Control is beneficial for every pellet grill owner. It allows you to tailor how much smoke gets incorporated into your meal. Say your kids or significant other aren't too keen on a heavy smoke flavor--bring your Smoke Number down to 5 or below. On the flip side, let's say you're smoking a brisket and want a prominent smoke ring and a robust smoky flavor--crank that Smoke Number to 7 or above. Furthermore, some dishes may taste better with a lower Smoke Number (let's say bakery items like breads, pies, cheesecakes, etc.) whereas others will taste better with a higher Smoke Number.

The Reviews Are In

"The smoke flavor was perfect, even better than with a smoke tube. I haven't been this excited about a food I've made in a long time. I can't wait to do all my favorites with the new controller." -Damon Keele

"Woodwind wifi 36, smoke level 8 on these Norbest sweetheart Turkey breasts. 225 degrees for 4 hours, 260 for 1.5 hours. We've been cooking on pellet smokers for 8 or so years, and I've NEVER seen results like this. Smoke ring for days. We absolutely love this machine!" -Todd Bulloch

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