Brisket Bible

While the reward is mouthwatering, let’s be real—briskets are intimidating, not to mention high maintenance. There are tons of cooking opinions when it comes to brisket and you’ll come to find that almost all of them are based on personal preferences. We’re here to be your…

The Art of Low and Slow BBQ

The Art of Low and Slow BBQ

There’s nothing wrong with the world of hot-and-fast searing. But sometimes it pays off to take the heat down a few notches and enter the world of low-and-slow smoking. After all, there’s nothing quite like the way a brisket melts in your mouth or a…


Your Guide to Smoker Pellets

What are the best wood pellets? Which hardwood should you choose for your meat? Questions like these are famous in the grilling world. After all, you want that precious meal on the grill grates to turn out the best it can be. Here are some…


Smoke or Science: 7 Tips for a Better Smoke Ring

Smoke Ring – That wonderful ring of pink, just under the surface of smoked meat, letting your eyes and mouth know that the bite you are about to take is packed with flavor. That ring, it’s all in the smoke…or is it?

First Timers Guide to a Brisket

First Timer’s Guide to Cooking Brisket

Yes, You Can Cook a Brisket So you’ve graduated from pre-formed burger patties and hotdogs to true BBQ. You’re ready to take on one of the most temperamental cuts of meat around: brisket. For the effort you put in, the payoff is more than worth…

Fresh Baked Rolls in Cast Iron Pan

How to Bake, Brown, and Crisp in Your Smoke Vault

While the Camp Chef Smoke Vault certainly smokes meat up with superiority, it also has other great benefits like baking! Leave the wood chips out (or leave them if you prefer) and your Smoke Vault becomes a baking oven.