Mexican Street Corn


10 min


16 min



Sweet ears of corn are grilled until lightly charred then slathered with a garlicky cream topping of mayonnaise, cotija cheese, and savory spices.


8 ears of corn, shucked

1/2 cup of Mexican crema or regular sour cream

1/2 cup of mayonnaise

1 cup cotija cheese, shredded

5 cloves or garlic, minced

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

2 limes, juiced

1/2 cup cilantro, chopped

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon cumin

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper


Mexican Street Corn

step 1

Preheat your BBQ Box or pellet grill to medium-high heat.

step 2

Spray shucked corn with cooking spray.

step 3

Place the corn on the grill and grill for about 12-16 minutes, turning the cobs 1/4 turn every 3-4 minutes.

step 4

Mix the topping sauce by stirring together the Mexican crema, mayonnaise, cotija cheese, garlic, salt, lime juice, and cilantro.

step 5

When corn is cooked, top each corn cob with the cheese mixture, then sprinkle with chili powder, cumin and cayenne. Finish corn off with extra cotija cheese and cilantro.