Triple Burner Windscreen

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The windscreen enhances the look of your stove as well as helps to protect the flame from wind. Folds for easy storage. Fits GB-90, TB-90, POC-90 and SPG-70 models.

Questions on Triple Burner Windscreen

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  • From Dev Govindaswamy at 8/19/13 9:36 AM
    • Does this windscreen fit the CCH3-Somerset III Stove?
    • Yes, it will fit the Somerset III Outdoor Range.
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  • From Roy Wagner at 7/29/13 8:20 AM
    • does this windscreen fit the spg-90b big gas grill?
    • The Triple Burner Windscreen model # WS90 will fit the SPG90B Big Gas Grill.
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  • From Mark Morales at 5/9/13 1:00 AM
    • Does this fit the Big Gas Grill?
    • The windscreen that fits the Big Gas Grill is the WS90, so yes, this is the correct windscreen.
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