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The Camp Chef Lid Lifter is the perfect aid in picking up your dutch oven lid while you cook. This lid lifter comes with our "DO" line of dutch ovens. but if you misplace one or need an extra one, it's the perfect tool.


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  • Good for Scouts camping


    My son is a very active Boy Scout with monthly campouts. This tool is essential for campfire cooking and keeps heavy lids with cast iron pots more secure. it was cheapest on the website, but I wish it... Show More. came as a set with a dutch oven or pan.

    Candise & Crew

  • lid lifter is a must for dutch ovens


    We realized we needed a lid lifter for our Camp Chef dutch oven when my husband had a bad experience because of a lack of having a lid lifter. A month ago on one of the "doneness" checks, t... Show More.he lid was lifted but wasn't stablized with the tool he was using and it got bumped off level and many of the coals slid into the peach cobbler that we had planned on serving at our campsite. So he dumped the peach dessert and when we got back from camping, I got online as soon as possible to order a lid lifter. We recently used our new lid lifter and it works perfectly! I am so relieved that we won't have to dump our dutch oven recipes from now on. I think it would be a good suggestion to get the lid lifter from the company who made your dutch oven.


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