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Recommended by world champion Dutch oven chefs, Camp Chef’s conditioner is the best way to ‘season’ your cast iron Dutch ovens, grill grates, griddles, skillets or other cast iron products. Made of all natural oils, this conditioner creates a natural, easy release surface and should not be viewed as a chemical non-stick coating. Seasoning your cast iron will allow it to last for generations.

*Cast iron conditioner is temperature sensitive. In cooler temperatures conditioner may thicken. To soften conditioner, simply massage the conditioner tube or set tube in warm water to soften. In warmer temperatures conditioner may thin out. If this happens open the conditioner with the lid pointed down, as the conditioner may run out rapidly. If the bottle ever develops a clog use a small nail or something similar to dislodge it. 



  • Cast iron friendly
  • Designed especially for use with cast iron
  • Conditioner is palm oil based formula to season your cast iron
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • 6 oz. bottle


Product Rating

  • great for storage



    I find vegetable oil gets sticky during storage and has an off odor. This product is better if you only use a pan or tool occasionally and store otherwise. heat up the pan and rub a little on it will be ready for next use.

  • Any food oil will do



    You can use any food oil or shortening and an oven to do a great job of seasoning cast iron. Google "how to season cast iron pan" or something like that and you will know it all. One reviewer says this comes out thin like vegetable oil. It probably is vegetable oil. Very expensive vegetable oil.

  • Great Product


    Scout Leader

    Use this product this weekend at a camping trip. My cast iron cookwares looks great after applying the conditioner.

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