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  • Jun 20, 2011

    By: Admin

    Off the Map with Guy Perkins

    Everyone who know me understands I’m just techno deficient. Most of that is by choice. Time being the precious commodity that it is… technology has a way of slipping up and owning you. Stop for a moment and observe. I’ll bet not one day will go by that your’e having a conversation with someone and their phone will buzz and they lose eye contact with you and pay attention to the phone. W

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  • Jun 18, 2011

    By: Admin

    Letter From a Consumer: New SG14 Griddle

    We love receiving letters from our consumers. It really does bolster our pride in the Camp Chef brand when we here such positive reviews from those who use our products. The following is a recent letter we received from Derek Lindey who recently purchased our newest steel griddle, the SG14 Single Burner Griddle.

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  • Jun 16, 2011

    By: Admin

    Italian Sugar Cookies and Eggs

    So, the recipe today is not a retro one, but part of the method is!

    My son was really excited to have a lemonade stand, but since there was one on each corner of our block, I thought that it would be cool to sell cookies! I had  a sure-fire sugar cookie recipe and frosting left over from the sponge cake debacleso I went to work.  I got my shortening creamed, then went to ad

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