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  • Aug 6, 2013

    By: Admin

    Compact and Portable Camp Kitchens

    A few words that first come to mind when thinking about describing Camp Chef are portability, versatility, power, and of course... good food. What that means is that just about where ever you go, what ever the size of group you're cooking for - Camp Chef has the equipment needed to cook great food in that situation.

    There's no need to sacrifice a good hearty meal when you're out having fu

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  • Jul 31, 2013

    By: Admin

    The Gear Caster Reviews the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

    Word is spreading out there about the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Ovens - and for good reason. Not only is it a great way and a fun way to feed the family, but it cooks amazingly. Check out what the Gear Caster has to say about our pizza ovens. We know you'll find the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven is top notch too! 

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  • Jul 30, 2013

    By: Admin

    Kitty Kitty
    By: Guy P.
    It started last August when for my birthday my son, whom I mentored for years outdoors, reversed the table and bought me a 7 foot Ugly Stick fishing rod and said, “were going Catfishing for your birthday”. I looked at the rod with a bit of a mind musing of “over kill”. 7 foot 4 weight fly rods are almost over kill for me.
    His obsession w
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  • Jul 25, 2013

    By: Admin

    Artisan Style Dessert Pizza
    Few things in this world are better than the smell of a baking pizza. This smell is made even better when it's coming from your own backyard and is the product of your efforts.  With the Camp Chef Italian Artisan Pizza Oven, you can bring the delicious goodness of fresh pizza to your back patio without the cost of it being delivered or purchased at the store.
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  • Jul 22, 2013

    By: Admin

    Bodega Bay Campside Clams

    Have you ever clammed? Or ever wanted to try it? Our friend, Hank Shaw, is a professional hunter and gatherer and he knows how to get after those clams among just about everything else edible out there! This really well done clam hunting short will give you a taste of just how rewarding freshly gathered food can be.

    Hank takes some folks out to the coast to dig up clams and enjoy some fre

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  • Jul 16, 2013

    By: Admin

    Shout! Outdoor Magazine Reviews Camp Chef

    "Someone once said about spending time outdoors, you can’t control the weather, you can’t control the fish, and you can’t control the game, but if the food is bad, it is your fault. Camp Chef has you covered there too." -Doug Gilmer, Shout! Outdoror Lifestyle Magazine

    Doug Gilmer of Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine used some Camp Chef products recently and decided to share

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