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  • Oct 3, 2013

    By: Admin

    Smokin' Season '13 - How to Smoke Venison

    Smokin Season '13

    While meat smoking is beginning to gain traction as a year round event; the bulk of it continues to be done from September through the winter months. I believe this schedule to be left over traditions from the forefathers as they worked to preserve meat for the winter. A tradition that has stood the test of time virtually unnoticed.

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  • Sep 24, 2013

    By: Admin

    Grilling Bison Flank and Grilled Avocados

    Steve from Camp Chef joins Scott Leysath of Hunt Fish Cook to demonstrate how to grill bison flank and grilled avocados on a BBQ Grill Box. Camp Chef's grill boxes perform at a high level and do an excellent job of dispersing heat. They feature heat diffuser technology and cast iron grill grates that offer cooking superiority.


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  • Sep 17, 2013

    By: Admin

    How to Grill Yellow Tail Fish

    Learn more tips about cooking fish. This time, Yellow Tail from the Pacific Ocean seared on a grill pan and a grill box. Oh, ever had grilled peaches? If you've seen Scott's other recent videos on cooking seafood, you already know it's well worth your time. Enjoy!


    Things You'll Need:

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