Explorer 3X Three-Burner Stove (EX90LW - Parts Listing Diagram)

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Part Diagram

Product Parts

Image Product Code Description Price Add To Cart
Air Vent Long Tab 0826L Air Vent Long Tab
1.25" Leg Plug 097110 1.25" Leg Plug
LP Spring 0980 LP Spring
Low Pressure Valve 0997 Low Pressure Valve
24" Stove Leg Replacements 104615 24" Stove Leg Replacements
Plastic Thumb Screws (4 pack) 330076 Plastic Thumb Screws (4 pack)
Standard Black Knob 330092 Standard Black Knob
Heat deflector for EX60LW EX1 Heat deflector for EX60LW

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EX90LW Manifold EX90-1 EX90LW Manifold
Windscreen for EX90 WS120 Windscreen for EX90