General FAQ

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Question: Can I use my Camp Chef propane products indoors?

Answer: All our propane powered products are tested and approved for outdoor use only.

Question: Where are your products made?

Answer: All our products are designed in the USA to meet all US safety standards. For the last 10 years our products have been manufactured overseas at facilities we operate or partner with which meet our stringent quality and production standards.

Question: What kind of wood do you use for your pellets? Do you use any additives in your pellets?

Answer: We use 100% all-natural, virgin hardwood that comes from trees in the US to make our pellets. We DO NOT use any type of wood that may contain any chemicals, glue, or anything at all added. Our pellets are not comprised of any recycled wood or wood that may contain construction material by-products or waste such as particle board, sheeting or any construction grade material. Only 100% all-natural, virgin hardwood. We do not add any additional flavoring additives either, so your food is left with the flavor you intended. That delicious, pure, natural wood smoked flavor.

Question: I think my regulator is broken. I have a really low flame, even on high?

Answer: It sounds like you are experiencing low flow mode. Low flow mode is a US safety feature caused when too much gas goes through and the regulator thinks there is a propane leak. To correct the problem, make sure that the propane hose has been attached to the stove with a wrench (not just finger tight). Confirm that all of the control knobs are turned to the 'OFF' position. Remove the hose from the propane tank and let it sit for approximately 30 seconds, as this will reset the regulator. Re-connect the hose to the propane tank. Turn the propane tank on