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Outdoor Entertainment Gear Backyard Big Screen

MODEL #: OS120

Outdoor Entertainment Gear Indoor/Outdoor Super Screen 132

MODEL #: OS132

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Camp Chef Meets Tasty

Over the past year, we’ve teamed up with Buzzfeed’s Tasty team to create delicious meals and fan favorite recipes. Tasty has led the online recipe category for years while Camp Chef has redefined The Way to Cook Outdoors. Their nationwide food-lovi

Maintenance Tips for Your Pellet Grill

We stand behind the quality of our pellet grills 100%; however, even the best grills may need replacement parts or occasional maintenance from time to time. We've put together the most common maintenance procedures that you'll face as a pellet grill own

Ask the Experts: Why We Love the Pro X Series

Before we make a big purchase, we almost always talk to someone else. In the market for a new fishing fly? You're going to ask your friend who fishes the river every weekend. Looking for a new pair of hiking boots? You'll ask your coworker who's a ba

Thanksgiving 101

This year, there’s a better way to do Thanksgiving. Forget waking up before dawn to start cooking, running out of oven space with your hands full of side dishes, wondering where you’re going to store the turkey. With Camp Chef, this can be

How to Grill Venison Back Straps

The back strap. A delicious cut of meat. After all the hard work of bringing that game home, be sure to enjoy it well. Camp Chef offers the ultimate equipment when it comes to cooking food outdoors.Venison back strap is a great cut of meat and when prepar

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