The Great Toffee Disaster of 2011

Are you ready for the Great Toffee Disaster of 2011? I have now made 4, yes FOUR recipes of toffee and messed up EVERY single recipe. Here is what happened…

First I tried this recipe:


It broke, meaning that I had something that resemble toffee with dark swirls with a nice butter “sauce” on top. I couldn’t remember if you were supposed to stir toffee or leave it alone. (too many cooking shows crowding the grey matter). So while the toffee was cooling, I consulted Paula Deen. She is the queen of butter after all. And what is toffee without butter??!


Here is a link to her recipe:

And it was much better, but it was soft (if you are over the age of 65, this is the batch you got for Christmas…you’re welcome). I cooked it to the temperature Paula told me but I live in high altitude and figured that I should’ve cooked it longer. GRR.

I must’ve had high hopes because I covered in chocolate. Good chocolate too…

Don’t asked me why I didn’t just give up. I couldn’t. The dairy association needed a good Christmas after all right? They were going to get it too with all the butter I needed! I tried it again, using a mixture of Paula’s recipe and the retro one. It broke. More clarified butter for me. This time I stirred. I couldn’t win. (I didn’t snap a shot of this one)

I waited a few days.

Then, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I tried this recipe. Certainly the addition of almonds would improve the toffee along with all of my “knowledge”. Ahem.

Two Words: Clarified butter. It tasted ok, and I guess I should just call it diet toffee because I am saving you from the full fat version!

Bottom line: try and your own risk. Most likely the first time you try this recipe, you will make it perfectly and comment about all the dental work you are going to need from your perfectly executed toffee. If that is the fact, just remember to thank the dairy association!

Merry (Retro) Christmas!

The Toffee Plate of Shame.

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