Spring Spelled M.O.A.B

It is that time of year.  The time when we get to dust off the old mountain bike, get out the camping gear and hit the road for spring desert adventures.  Luckily my Camp Chef stove arrived just before we left.  Our first destination was Moab, Utah.   We camped in a new area close to the sovereign trail network.  It was beautiful!  We set out for a bike ride early that morning only to return to 40 mph winds, our tent stopped by a small boulder ready to fall off the mesa and our Camp Chef stove upside down in the dirt.  The wind/sand storm was one of the strongest to hit Moab in a long a time.  We waited it out in the car playing cards and listening to music.  Then the rain started.  This was going to be a long weekend.  Luckily the next morning we woke to beautiful blue skies and a stove that worked just fine, through rain and wind, started up within seconds!  I have never had a stove this durable.

Our second destination was Robbers Roost, Utah.  After spending most of our canyoneering trips in the San Rafael Swell, it was time to branch out.  We chose East Canyon in the Blue John canyon area.  It was incredible.  The hike took us through some of the most beautiful slot canyons I had ever seen.   A couple of fun rappels and waste deep wading made for an exciting time.  Make sure you take the right exit out of this canyon though!  We found ourselves stuck on a 3-foot ledge 40 feet up with no way up or down.  Out of water, no cell phone service and only birds to hear us calling for help.  Luckily Jeff’s anchor building skills saved us.  We built a few sketchy anchors into a chossy crack using knots and carbineer’s for cams then slowly started the down climb.  Remember in these canyons things can go wrong fast! Always be sure you can go back the way you came and MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR GPS!

By the time we made it back to camp it had been close to 12 hours of hiking, climbing and fighting for survival.  The first thing I saw was our Camp Chef stove.  I had never been so happy!  We made ourselves a real feast that night.  Sitting around the campfire, eating penne pasta with spicy Italian sausage and marveling at the beauty and intensity of the desert.  Yes, spring is here.

Kami Hardcastle is a Camp Chef Pro-Staff.  She can be found enjoying great adventures and great food in some of the best locations across the country.  We’re happy to showcase some of Kami’s adventures along with her pack of adrenaline  loving friends here on the Camp Chef blog.

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