The Moms of Camp Chef

Moms are the heart and soul of the family. They keep the family orderly, full, and fueled. Whether she’s blood-related, a motherly figure, or an awesome four-legged dog mom–show her how much you care this Mother’s Day. Much like your family, the Camp Chef family has got more…


7 Tips to Planning the Perfect Outdoor Event

The weather is changing and it’s about time to take those get-togethers outdoors. Are you ready for back yard bashes, birthday parties, and barbecues this spring and summer? You don’t need to be the hostess with the mostest but let’s make sure you’ve got your bases covered….


2019 Events Schedule

PELLET GRILL 101 Class is in session! Time to put your chef’s hat on and roll up those sleeves. Sign up for a Pellet Grill 101 Cooking Academy Class near you to learn pellet grill tips from our expert chef, Chef Jack Carlisle and Caytlin…


First Stop, San Francisco

Recently Camp Chef’s in-house chef, Chef Jack and wife Julie Carlisle put upwards of 2,500 miles on the Camp Chef van traveling the California coast. We sent him on a mission to prove that Camp Chef products are durable, versatile, and portable. We followed him throughout…


Chad Jukes: A Camp Chef Story

“Food doesn’t have to be a chore. It can taste good. And I love sharing it with others,” Army Veteran and outdoor athlete Chad Jukes noted. We’re so inspired by his story of overcoming hardship, going back to his roots, and giving back by sharing…


Cleaning Your Sidekick

You love your Camp Chef pellet grill and Sidekick accessory–you use it all the time! It’s versatile/removable features allows you to swap out for your favorite cooking styles. But with diversified cooking comes diligent cleaning. Show your Sidekick some love this spring. Please note that all…


Cleaning Your Sear Box

You keep your pellet grill in prime condition. Ash cleanout between cooks and a deep clean about every 50 hours–bravo! But when was the last time you deep cleaned your Sear Box? When playing with temperature ranges up to 900 degrees your grill accessory gets…


The Book of Brisket

Chapter Links Anatomy Methods Wood Trimming Seasonings Grill Placement The Stall Wrapping Time & Temperature Resting Slicing Testing Serving A Camp Chef Brisket While the reward is mouthwatering, let’s be real—briskets are intimidating, not to mention high maintenance. There are tons of cooking opinions when it…