Which Stove is Right For You?

Choose the Best Camp Stove For You

When it comes to choosing a camp stove for your outdoor cooking needs, you’ve got plenty of options. So many options, in fact, that you might be wondering where to start with choosing between sizes, materials, BTU outputs, and features. Do you want a compact…

Pro X Series Stoves

An Inside Look at the Pro X Series Design

If you haven’t seen our new Pro X Series stoves yet, you need to check them out here. It’s okay—we’ll wait. If you have seen them, you might be wondering what the differences are between your trusty, original Pro 60 or Pro 90 from years…

Low Flame on a Gas Grill or Stove

How to Fix Low Flame on Your Gas Grill or Stove

That brand new stove is calling your name. You head outside, connect the propane tank, fire up the burners—and nothing but a tiny flame lights up. Sound familiar? Why Does Low Flame Happen? Low flame issues are common with any kind of propane stove or…

Pack up your stove for the season in a Camp Chef carry bag

How to Protect Your Pellet Grill or Stove from the Elements

Whether your winter looks white and snowy, gray and rainy, warm and sunny, or somewhere in between, you want to keep your stove or pellet grill safe from the elements. We design all of our products with durability in mind, so you can count on…


What the Hell is a Cook System?

More than Just a Stove For over 25 years, we’ve been designing a better way to cook outdoors. Over all this time, we’ve made a huge variety of outdoor cooking gear. But our staple product from the start has been our propane camp stoves. Obviously,…

stove burner

BTU: What Does It Mean & How Many Do You Need?

What in the World is a BTU?   If you’ve checked out any of our stoves, you’ve probably seen a BTU figure associated with each one. And if you’re here at this article, you probably looked at it and had no clue what it meant….