Smoke or Science: 7 Tips for a Better Smoke Ring

Smoke Ring – That wonderful ring of pink, just under the surface of smoked meat, letting your eyes and mouth know that the bite you are about to take is packed with flavor. That ring, it’s all in the smoke…or is it?

Pizza Oven on the Pro 60 X Camping Stove

Ask the Experts: Why We Love the Pro X Series

Before we make a big purchase, we almost always talk to someone else. In the market for a new fishing fly? You’re going to ask your friend who fishes the river every weekend. Looking for a new pair of hiking boots? You’ll ask your coworker…

Which Stove is Right For You?

Choose the Best Camp Stove For You

When it comes to choosing a camp stove for your outdoor cooking needs, you’ve got plenty of options. So many options, in fact, that you might be wondering where to start with choosing between sizes, materials, BTU outputs, and features. Do you want a compact…

Holiday Gift Guide for the Patio Griller

Gift Guide for the Patio Griller

Do you know someone who will stand out on the back patio in a blizzard just for some perfectly grilled ribs? There are a few brave souls who call themselves 365-day grillers, and they deserve something special this year for Christmas. Check out our gift…

Ghost pretzels

Our Favorite Halloween Bites Roundup

Our favorite part of Halloween is by far the food. What else could you expect from the Camp Chef team? But when it comes to adorable whipped cream ghosts or carefully designed chocolate spiderweb, we like to turn to a few of our friends in…

stove burner

BTU: What Does It Mean & How Many Do You Need?

What in the World is a BTU?   If you’ve checked out any of our stoves, you’ve probably seen a BTU figure associated with each one. And if you’re here at this article, you probably looked at it and had no clue what it meant….