A Good Day for a D.O.G.

There are those in this world who can cook the kind of meal you would expect in a restuarant at home. Than there are those who do all that…outside. The folks from the International Dutch Oven Society take cooking outdoors to a whole other level and they do it well. On June 1, we had the opportunity to host a Dutch Oven Gathering (DOG) with the IDOS folks and it was beyond worth it to have them here. The mix of amazing food and great company made for an unforgetable Saturday. It is at these times that we are reminded that cooking in the outdoors is a family/friends kind of event and that cast iron cooking truly is a generational tradition. To see mother and son cooking together, or granddaughter and grandparents cooking together is an awesome and fun thing to witness. As for the dishes that we’re prepared, there was no joking around about eating well. Homemade Macaroni Cheese. Chicken Cordon Bleu. Orange Chicken. Jambalaya. Vegetable Pizza. Upside-Down Pineapple Cake. Roast Beef Swiss Bread. And that is just naming a few. In all, the DOG was a blast with good food and good company. We can’t wait for the next one. You can also find more photos from the DOG on our Facebook page by clicking here.

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