14 inch vs. 16-inch Cooking Systems

By on July 18, 2019

14 in vs 16 in cook systems

Throughout our website, you may have noticed that there are two different cooking system sizes—14-inch and 16-inch. This is not to be confused with 2-burner and 3-burner as there are a couple of products which overlap. For simplicity reasons, on the box, the size of the stove and its compatible accessories will be denoted with a blue or orange sticker. When we refer to the term ‘cooking systems’, we aren’t only referring to stoves. Camp Chef has developed an entire product line surrounded by the term, modularity. Meaning, its system/accessories can be separated and re-combined with other cooking systems. That’s the beauty of Camp Chef. Our products offer flexibility, durability, portability, and power beyond its years.

On the website product pages, many of the stoves and accessories will denote their size (either 14-inch or 16-inch) within the Fitment section. Another good place to check sizes is in the Specifications section. If you want to take all the guesswork out, navigate to the stove system or cooking system product page that you own. Scroll to the bottom where it says Accessories and you’ll find a carousel of that unit’s compatible accessories. Find everything from covers, to griddles, to grill boxes, to natural gas kits.

So, if you’re on the fence and wondering, what size Camp Chef cooking system to get–or which products are transferable to my other Camp Chef products–or even what products fit on your 14-inch/16-inch stove–look no further.

14-inch Cooking Systems


As stated above, on the box, all 14-inch cooking systems and its accessories will be denoted with a blue sticker, similar to the one above. As of today, owning single-burner 14-inch cooking accessories like the PZ30 pizza oven, BB30L barbecue box, and SG30 fry griddle happen to be our most versatile products yet. Not only will they fit on your 14-inch stoves, but they will fit on your VersaTop Grill , and your pellet grill’s Sidekick attachment.

On top of housing one-burner accessories, some 14-inch stove systems, are able to house other—larger—two-burner 14-inch accessories like the PZ60 pizza oven, the BB60X barbeque box, and the SG60 fry griddle. These cover two of the stove burners. Unfortunately, the two-burner accessories listed above cannot be added to your Sidekick or VersaTop grill units.

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Take away: If you have a variety of Camp Chef products or plan to in the future (for example: a stove system, a pellet grill, or the VersaTop grill) it would be in your best interest to stick to 14-inch stoves and 14-inch one-burner accessories if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

Feed: Up to 10 hungry people.


16-inch Cooking Systems


On the box, all 16-inch cooking systems and its accessories will be denoted with an orange sticker, similar to the one above. There are many 16-inch accessories that will fit on your 16-inch stove system. Try the PZ90 two-burner pizza oven, BB90L/BB90LS two-burner barbecue box, or the SG90 two-burner fry griddle on your 16-inch stove systems. (Plus to top it off, two-burner 16-inch accessories can also fit on our recently launched VersaTop 2X Grill.)

Your 16-inch stove system can also house one-burner (16-inch) accessories like the BB100L  barbeque grill box and the CGG16B reversible griddle, along with three-burner accessories. Choosing between one, two, and three-burner accessories is completely dependant on your cooking style. For example, if you love griddle cooking then try the SG100 three-burner fry griddle, it’ll cover your entire unit surface.

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Take away: If you are solely a stove system person and don’t plan to explore our pellet grill line but want more space, then a 16-inch stove will be perfect for you.

Feed: Up to 20 hungry people.

Let’s not forget that almost all Camp Chef cooking systems are compatible with many of our cast iron skillets and dutch ovens along with our pots and pans collection. Camp Chef does not offer a trade-in policy.

2 thoughts on “14 inch vs. 16-inch Cooking Systems”

  1. Hi: We have the Explorer 2 burner camp stove, we just bought the Griddle and the B B Q Grill Box and the Lid hanger from Cabela’s Canada in Edmonton Alberta. We wanted the Red side wings ( shelf ) also but the sales clerk said they are not an accessory for the Explorer. Please advise if the we can purchase these from some vendor in Canada and if they will fit the Explorer

    Thank you.
    David B Waters
    [email protected]

    • Hi David,
      You were misinformed. The 14-inch Red Side Shelves will fit on your Explorer Stove. You can find them on our website, they are part number LS60P – Folding Side Shelf Set for 14″ Stoves. While we don’t ship to Canada you can try Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Wholesale Sports, or try contacting Blue Dog at 844-808-2583. Best of luck. Otherwise, I think a trip to the states is in order:)

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