Utility Shelf for 3 Burner Removable Leg Stoves
MODEL #: 330095

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You'll love the addition of this utility shelf. It easily hooks into the legs of your stove creating a convenient storage space up and out of the way for all your extra supplies. Fits stove models TB-90 and SPG-90 (Does not fit GB-90).


  • Length: 38.25"
  • Width: 15.75"


Product Rating

  • Shelf stays hooked



    I have 2 Big Gas Grills and bought a shelf for each. I store the griddle or BBQ grill on it, whichever I am not using at the time and it really saves me space. I have never had the shelf come unhooked as did the earlier reviewer. I would recommend it. I thouhgt it was about $10 over priced but still bought it.

  • Handy shelf



    My stove came with this shelf and I find it very handy to keep my griddle on when I'm using the BBQ box. BUT I have had a little trouble if I don't place items straight down on it as the hooks that attach it to the legs come out easily. I still like it

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