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This patio cover is made with weather resistant material, so you can rest assure that your stove will be protected from all the outdoor elements. Also, for extra wind protection, the cover is secured to the stove by a set of bungee cords and hooks. This durable cover comes in a khaki tan color which will look great on the patio or at the base camp.


  • Weather-resistant liner
  • Bungee cords and hooks for wind protection
  • quality cover for patio or base camp


  • TB90LW
  • TB90LWG
  • TB90LWG15
  • DB90D
  • SPG90B


  • 43" x 16.5" x 16"
  • Weight: 2 lbs.


Product Rating

  • I would buy this cover again


    This cover is high end material. Stays secure and looks good.

    Just Bill

  • " The Cover is PERFECT! "


    The bag is made with QUALITY in materials used and in craftmanship, Great Product!

    Joe the Fire Mechanic

  • Great Addition ~ Great Fit


    My wife is Asian and uses a great amount of oils for stir frying on a daily basis. I would estimate that we use this outdoor stove for at least 95% of our cooking year around. We have had lesser quali... Show More.ty stoves that we did not use a cover for and the elements distroyed them in a matter of a couple years.We bought the stove at [...] but they did not provide additional accessories that were listed in the manual. Upon visiting the website I purchased the cover. [...]. I wasn't expecting too much for this cover inasmuch as it's price was somewhat modest but I was blown away with its quality and fit. It is easily removed and easily installed. It comes with two teather straps with metal hooks but the fit is so good I have found them optional even in high winds.

    Asian Stir Fry

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