Folding Side Shelf Set for Three-Burners



Maximize your preparation space with these durable side shelves (includes 2 shelves in box). Keep cooking utensils and seasonings close by. Side shelves fold to double as lid. Use the additional space for efficient outdoor cooking. It's like having a complete countertop right at the campsite.


  • Fold to double as a lid
  • Set of two side shelves


  • TB90LW
  • TB90LWG
  • TB90LWG15
  • GB90D
  • SPG90B
  • CT38LW

Questions on Folding Side Shelf Set for Three-Burners

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  • From Brent K. at 5/15/13 7:10 PM
    • I bought the big gas grill III. It has one shelf that comes with the unit, can I buy just one shelf and attach it to the left side of the big gas grill III? If so, can I still use the utensil holder and paper tower holder I also intend to purchase?


      Brent K.
    • At this time we only sell the shelves in a set of 2. The model number for these shelves is LS90P, The utensil holder and paper towel holder works great with shelves.
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  • From Brett at 5/30/13 10:01 AM
  • From Terry at 9/4/13 5:45 PM
    • Will the LS90P shelf set fit on the EX90LW model 3 burner stove?
    • No, the LS90P shelf won't fit the EX90LW. However, the LS60P side shelf will work.
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