Stove Ignitor

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This universal ignitor attaches to stove for fast, safe and easy lighting. Push-button spark lights one burner with ease. A must-have accessory. Ignites one burner. Not for use with Sport Utility Stoves.


  • Add a universal ignitor to your existing Camp Chef stove
  • Requires 1 ignitor per burner


  • Fits most 14" and 16" Camp Chef stoves


Product Rating

  • Should be well worth it



    I bought two for my two burner and first one went on easy, aligned up perfect but the second one more trouble but both are working and much better than matches, just hope they keep working...If not I will get another ignitor and replace it

  • Great so scouts stop leaving the matches out in the rain


    Scouts In PA

    Working with scouts (11-18 year old), one can imagine that they aren't very good at putting things away when done with them. How many boxes of matches have been left out in the rain before these were installed... The world my never know. Since then, now the scouts only need matches near the camp fire circle - they still leave them lying around there but we're working on it....

  • Works great for me


    Tyrone Robinson

    I purchased two if this model for my two burner model, and they work great! They light the burners every time with one or two clicks. You must follow the instructions, and get the gap correct. Bending about 1/8 of the tip down toward a burner orifice is the key. Don't flood the area with gas before you click. Click as soon as you turn on the gas. If it doesn't light it's probaly flooded. Turn the gas off and fan the area to remove the excess gas, or wait a few minutes until the gas disipates. Then try again. I have had two happy years using mine. I am a retired aircraft maintenace technician, and I see no design or engineering flaw in this product. Happy camping!

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