By: Kati R

Aw, the luck of the Irish!  Who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day?  It’s a fun, simple holiday for kids and adults.  Have you started making any plans?  Well, we’re here to help.  This week the Camp Chef blog will be featuring several recipes, both traditional and non-taditional, to get things rolling for St. Patty’s. Here is a great side dish or main dish if you want to add bratwursts or something!  Let us know if you have a favorite St. Patrick’s Day dish.


  • 1 head of cabbage
  • 1 onion
  • Bacon pieces
  • 1tbs coconut oil


Heat skillet on medium heat and melt coconut oil. Dice up cabbage and onions and add to skillet. Add bacon or bacon bits and fry until done. This is a great side dish or you can add bratwurst and make this a complete meal. Happy St Patty’s Day!

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