Professional Flat Top Griddle 16" x 14"



The Professional Flat Top Griddle 16" x 14" is the newest griddle to join our line of flat top griddles. Designed to fit 16" Cooking System stoves, this flat top griddle is the perfect option for when you're using your Professional Barbecue grill box (BB90L) but also want to use a professional griddle at the same time. Up until now you'd have to remove your grill box to use a SG90 or SG100 Professional Griddle. Now you can keep your grill box over the left two burners and place the SG14 over the right most burner. They're a match made in heaven. Grill and fry all at the same time.


  • 16" x 14" cooking surface
  • Even Heat System
  • Includes grease drain and grease cup holder
  • Weight - 18lbs.

Questions on Professional Flat Top Griddle 16" x 14"

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  • From Hayden at 6/17/13 10:20 AM
    • Is this cast iron or steel, and how do you go about cleaning the griddle after use?
    • The Professional 16" X 14" Fry Griddle is a seasoned steel griddle. Our cleaning recommendations are:
      After each use allow cookware to cool completely. Wash with hot water and/or mild dish washing liquid (never use abrasive detergent). Rinse and dry thoroughly. Never scour or use a dishwasher. You may wish to use a plastic scrubber or plastic pan scrapper to remove stubborn food particles. Slowly warm steel griddle or pan on burner. Lubricate cookware with a thin coating of Camp Chef Conditioner or olive oil. (Camp Chef Conditioner is recommended because it is palm oil based which gives it a longer shelf life than any other natural oil) Be certain that the entire surface, including all corners, have been coated thoroughly. This will help maintain the seasoning on your cookware. This seasoning protects the steel from rust as well as providing a durable coating that helps non-stick properties. After cookware cools, wipe off excess oil/conditioner with a clean cloth.
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