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SmokePro Stainless DLX Pellet Grill Sear Kit


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Blog Results

  • Rolls Without the Oven

    Time is running out and the dinner time is nearing. The oven is already jam packed with food cooking till the very last minute. What do you do?

  • How to Smoke Brisket in the New Pellet Grill and Smoker or the Smoke Vault

    A good brisket takes patience and good consistent heat. I smoked a brisket in our 24” Smoke Vault as well as in our new Pellet Grill and Smoker. By following the same steps in each product I saw some fantastic results.

  • Three Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning the big social feast. I have found that there are many different traditions in everyone’s family and many different kinds of dishes that line the beautifully decorated tables. Yet, I also find that there are a lot of the same items on everyone’s tables each year. There is the appetizers/vegie tray, the multiple varieties of side dishes and pies, rolls, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, and of course the most important part of the meal….the turkey!
  • Country Style Pork Ribs

    Smoked food is one of our favorite things here at Camp Chef. There is just something about that rich smoke flavor that makes our mouths water. The best part about smoking food is it really easy to do with the right equipment.
  • Smoked Wings and Potatoes

    You might be wondering where I got the idea to have smoked wings and potatoes from. Well….I had smoked chicken wings for the first time at a local restaurant and I couldn’t believe how amazingly yummy they were. So, I thought we could try to make our own “smoked chicken wings” in our Smoke Vault here at Camp Chef. Now where did the potatoes come in? I’ve heard of people having smoked baked potatoes, so what a great time to try both of those yummy foods out together.

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