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Our Favorite Halloween Bites Roundup

Our favorite part of Halloween is by far the food. What else could you expect from the Camp Chef team? But when it comes to adorable whipped cream ghosts or carefully designed chocolate spiderweb, we like to turn to a few of our friends in the food commun

A Buyer’s Guide to Pellet Grills

Six Things to consider before buying a Pellet Grill You’ve been thinking about it again, haven’t you? You can almost smell it now, that savory scent of smoked meats wafting through the air. You can almost taste the unparalleled flavor of smoked ri

Camp Chef Everest High Pressure Stove Review

Michael Largent, owner of TreeLineBackpacker, recently reviewed our Camp Chef Everest High Pressure Two-Burner Stove.

The March, March

March - that space on the calendar where there is an anticipation of hope for green grass and the need for some creativity for outdoor adventures. Hunting seasons have passed, ice fishing finds the fish sluggish, and the rotting ice holds a tad more adven

Bottling Meat

With the uncertainty of what life has been tossing at us as of late there seems to be an increase in the participation of canning. So back by popular demand is a blog on how at my house we bottle meat. This should be archived in some area of the web sight

Chili Con Carne

My family loves chili. Well, my husband loves chili. It seems that every time I make chili, it is different! Sometimes spicy, 2 or 3 bean, crockpot, etc. It always changes and I am always using new recipes. Lucky for me, he doesn’t complain!I fo

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