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Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cookbook


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Tiffany Haugen - Life Without a Kitchen

Our friend (and excellent cook book author I might add) Tiffany Haugen recently experienced life without a kitchen. Luckily there was no disaster involved and the Haugen family still had a fully functioning house with the exception of a kitchen re-model g

NEW Products from Camp Chef Summer 2013

Summer of 2013 has been a busy one for Camp Chef in unveiling new products. Earlier this summer we announced out new Italia Artisan Pizza Oven accessories.

Freshen Up That IRON!

I’m not going to make a big deal out of it because there is a chance I’ll jinx it but; I think we are on our way to spring. Yeah, I know the dates on the calendar but I was beginning to think Ma Nature forgot.

NEW! Camp Chef Disposable Aluminum Dutch Oven Liners

Introducing Camp Chef’s NEW Disposable Dutch Oven Liners. Simplify your Dutch oven cooking and cleaning with disposable aluminum liners by Camp Chef. Liners easily lift out of the oven and serve as a food dish, leaving your Dutch oven ready for another

Camp Chef Tailgating Gear

Fall is around the corner and college football kicks off this weekend! Millions will be wearing their teams colors and getting to stadiums early to tailgate and cheer their teams on.

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